Bill Daniels

“Jack and his firm built United’s HOME OFFICE and 3 UPSCALE CONDOS a couple years ago. During the construction, their entire team was attentive to making this the best project ever and it was obvious to all involved that this was a special project that required the best efforts possible. The entire staff were extremely professional in all aspects from the main assigned crew to the subs that supported the Diego Brothers. The outstanding Quality of construction amazes people to this day. We continue to receive many compliments on their workmanship and finer details. And speaking of details, that was emphasized daily from Jack’s and his brother’s leadership down to the foreman and from there onto the frontline carpenters.

“If there is ever a problem, no matter how small, Jack will be there, even though the job has been completed for many months.  He takes pride in his company’s workmanship and his word is positively “golden”. He always stands behind every facet of the project and I have no concern in recommending this outstanding construction firm, Diego Bros.

“Please believe me, that I don’t hand out compliments easily  but Jack and his team have earned MY TRUST.


Bill Daniels
United Markets

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